HORUS artificial intelligence

SaaS artificial intelligence for insurance

Simplify your tasks. Trust ICG modern cognitive technologies.

Reduce management costs and increase your processes efficiency at all levels, integrating small modules and artificial intelligence microservices. Smrt processing of images, voices and non-structured texts you can reduce your staff and dedicate resources to relevant activities.


SaaS Artificial Intelligence for your business

Classify and validate digital documents


Extract data from documents and emails


Check identity documents


Vehicle damages detection and repair estimation


Data, tomorrow’s gold.

Give value to your data assets.

Each document, every image, every email you receive may represent an incredible added value if processed with modern cognitive technologies: neural networks, machine learning, OCR, natural language processing (NLP). Every insurer handle a large stock of documents (structured/unstructured, identity documents, damage photographs). Don’t be a slave of that!

Automatic document classification and validation

Unstructured images and texts (scanned or photographed documents, pdf, mail), are analyzed by neural networks and classified according to predefined categories (eg identity documents, medical recipes, invoices, appraisals, report minutes, photographs of any damage branch, etc.). Data fields, context and critical elements are identified, validated and processed automatically based on rules and business requirements, including consistency control between different documents (eg medical prescription and invoice or receipt).

Automatically extract data from documents and e-mail

Natural language processing technology (NLP) helps automation of data identification and extraction from complex documents, such as contracts and e-mails, structured and semi-structured documents. Data are exposed via API. Lighten your team from manual information collection, from manual checks on documents and form manual transcriptions. Automate and SimplifY your internal processes.

Automatically check identity documents

Accelerate and simplify your cutomers onboarding processes with an automatic control of identity documents based on consistency checks between duplex, digital / visual data, expiry and control by live selfie. You will need to ask your customer for a photo of a valid identity document and for a selfie to activate an online control with a duration of a few seconds.

Identify vehicle damage and quote repairs from digital images

Do you need to detect surface damages on a vehicle and provide a preliminary estimate? Nothing easier with Horus AI. You just have to take a couple of photos in a guided procedure to highlight scratches and cracks and assess them. Horus AI helps you to find surface and mechanical damages and to determine repair time and costs. Horus AI smart triage can streamline mass and complex claims

Feed your algorithms.

Let’s start reducing costs and improving staff productivity

Using ICG Horus AI engines you can feed your own database and algorithms for further processing or interact with other systems. Make your business grow in ways until yesterday unthinkable!

Does it seem too complicated?

No need to worry instead. Horus AI is a SaaS solution. You can interact with Horus via APIs or use it stand alone through dedicated ICG interfaces. Horus AI integrates perfectly with your company’s standards and information systems (RPA, CRM, ERP, BPM, ECM) making business processes smarter, rapid and reactive. Choose from a number of ready-to-use connectors (WS / API / batch streams) or use the preconfigured XML / JSON export facility to quickly and easily connect with any core or engagement system.


Ensures you with the times

Using self-learning algorithms, data mining, pattern recognition, signal processing and with the support of the most advanced hardware technologies, Horus AI processess images imitating the human brain. Trust who has a deep understaing of the insurance business, market and regulations.