Customer Hub


Talk about needs through a single touchpoint interfaced with API

Comfort and simplicity for your customers.

All you can do for your client in a unique hub, accessible 24/7 through reserved area, desktop, mobile, instant messaging, text messaging, whatsapp, telegram, social and call center: from assistance to budgeting, loss notification or request for repayment to covers management.


A digital touchpoint available 24/7 for information, quotes, policy management, loss notification and tracking of each claim. Enable your client to interact in a simple, clear and direct language at any time of day and nights.


A customizable interface to get what you need when you need it. An assistant ready to support your customers with all the insurance needs they may have. Profile any need, on the channels your customers use every day.


Interactions tailored to each customer profile. Immediate and Contextual feedback in 70% of overall cases without even human intervention, simply pushing replies from databases.


Switch on and off insurance covers, buy new ones. A bot who gives advice on appropriate protections in compliance with IDD. Track your requests and keep your situation under control.

Smart technology

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence: State of the Art AI, to offer users an increasingly natural and rich experience.


An NLP vocal assistant which can interact with customer via Chatbot and Call Center. Offer a fast and intuitive interaction through ICG artificial intelligence engine.


A modular platform that can be integrated with any application that exposes API, to dialogue with your layers and wallet, claims, CRM, ERP or CMS systems.

What can you offer with Customer Hub?

Instant Insurance



Smart Onboard

Personal area









Digital and Omnichannel User Experience

Keep in touch with policyholders through the most popular communication channels. Send your customers push in app notifications and instant messages through whatsapp, telegram or sms

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to profile the customer, propose a quote, underwrite a risk, collect complaints, send and receive all documentation automatically? Empower you customer care team delegating baseline activities to a smart bot.

Smart from A to Z

Policyholders are demanding and they generally show up when they need help to notify a loss, to inform of a personal chenge or to ask for a new insurance cover.

Customer Hub enables you interact and communicate effectively with policyholders with bots, chatbots or traditional interfaces, in smart or hybrid mode.

Support policyholders through all popilar communication channel in order to provide them with a simple and effective experience.

Instant Insurance

Catch the moment.

Improve your customers profiling to offer insurance tailored to their real preferences and needs.

Supply your customers with a comprehensive insurance offer, covering all risks and integrating other carriers whenever reuired.

Ask specific questions adopting a simple language. ICG bots support the full automation of traditional processes.

Why rely on a bot?

Think about the convenience of conversing with insurance chatbot out of office hours to make sure that a certain medical procedure is covered by the health insurance policy.

ICG Bots can be programmed and configured to respond to doubts and requests for information. They can collect loss notifications, complaints and status updates.

ICG bots can notify payments date and initiate settlement procedures to simplify customer interactions on any communicaation channel

Does it seem too complicated?

Backoffice operations have never been so simple instead. Enable your customers to notify and make changes easily and directly.

Reduce your team’s workload: let ICG bots carry on repetitive tasks so that your staff can focus on situations in which human interaction really matters.

In addition, interactions with customers are tracked and analyzed in background to support continuous profiling improvement and to enable highly personalized proposals and marketing campaigns.


Your best digital agent

Simplify your customers experience and your team’s tasks. Delegate customer care baseline operations improving your processes with the digital innovation you need.
Choose a solution that perfectly fit your requirements and focus on customer centricity.
Trust who has a deep understaing of the insurance business, market and regulations.