Transformation & Innovation

Transformation and Innovation

Applied Innovation & Digital Strategy Transformation

Technology evolves quickly and impacts the way business processes are managed. Emerging technologies are transforming every aspect of insurance business, making it easier to be more focused on the customer, optimizing costs and improve operational efficiency. Thanks to ICG Applied Innovation, insurance players can explore new business models, and automate the value chain process through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Block Chain technology ( Distributed Ledger). They are also taking advantage of ICG APIs (Application Programming Interface) framework to integrate without problems with other interested parties and advanced analysis to provide custom offers by improving subscription operations. These digital capabilities will enable insurance companies to effectively reduce operational costs and human errors, improve speed and accuracy and help provide a better customer experience.

IT Transformation Consulting

By adopting emerging technologies, insurance players can reach corporate advantages such as increase in revenue, risk reduction, better operating costs, better subscription margins through careful price evaluation and a reduction in losses. Companies must face and solve digital interruptions that lead to IT organizational transformation to properly deal with rapidly moving competitors or to exploit new digital opportunities. To prepare for rapidly evolving market conditions, people, processes and technological systems must become more agile, flexible, innovative and reactive, minimizing interruptions and risks for current business and technological operations. ICG IT Transformation Consulting practice addresses all aspects of IT transformation, from strategy to execution, to enable organizations to respond to changes quickly. Developing a lean IT management approach by maximizing the use of IT resources to support corporate agility, flexibility and innovation, companies can eliminate organizational silos, reduce costs and times, elevate quality and sustainably increase adaptability and value. The deep technological experience, digital focusing, agile structure and ICG software engineering help organizations thrive in the digital age without interruptions and cost efficiently.