Go-live fast and simple, through ICG API interface and No Code customization.

ICG plug & play platform dedicated to today’s insurance brokers.

A scalable no-code end to end software modeled on the insurance broking business. Manage and automatize any facet of your whole portfolio through a single touchpoint: policies, claims, negotiations, placement, commissions. And don’t lose the opportunity to integrate third-party modules, thanks to APIs and the Cloud.

Automate interactions with every insurance carrier

A sophisticated engine, at the base of the process of sending/receiving quotation details between broker and carrier. It enables you to automate quotation steps tracking, full data management and follow-up, check final quotation status and automate underwriting process monitoring. Through the Performance Dashboard, which provides statistics and reports, you can monitor progress against budget/forecast in real time and with the granularity you require


Give a smart workbench to your staff

The authentication and profiling module enables you to define not only the visibility and the operations performed by each individual user or user group. It provides top level data privacy security. Through the use of search filters and a highly configurable and customizable platform, daily operations are simplified by supplying the broker with the tools to achieve customer centricity in the insurance business.


No-Code products

Configure products in one click.

Enable business users to create new definitions, rates and rules in a few hours, with no need to call IT people for support. Market a new protection bundle with no additional coding required for any Property & Casualty class. If you are planning to opt for dynamic pricing insurance products, (pay per use, pay as you drive, pay you drive), you need a quotation engine which is perfectly designed to be combined with telematic technologies.

Insurance Broker Suite

Always in line with the times

A scalable end-to-end core solution, which enables any broker to asses, place and manage the entire life cycle of policies covering one or more Property & Casualty classes. ICG Broker Suite is multi-carrier, multi-entity, multi-mandate, multi-currency and multi-level

Personalized add-ons to customize your portfolio management

Insurance broker suite is configurable with add-ons dedicated to affinity group management (claims & policies), medical expenses refund, collective policies, associations, etc. The highly configurable workflow engine enables you to model processes, to automatically assign tasks and to generate notificationa, emails and documents based on risks, business lines, covers and customer profile

OCR technology to support your internal processes

ICG Horus engine services enrich ICG Broker Suite. You can digitally transform paper modules and pdf files to collect every type of data you receive. Automate and Simplify your internal processes through automatic documents checking and information collection. Your team will focus on real added value tasks

Flexible integration and APIs

You have to choose how to interact seamlessly with your partners in the ecosystem. You can opt for Restful APIs communicating with third-party software, or check operational and integration options based on your infrastructure features with.


Offer a top level customer experience

Insurance Suite can be combined natively with ICG Customer Hub modules, dedicated to your customers needs for interaction. Increase customer engagement by offering smart tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, automatically managing their support requests, creating a new way to relate with them.


Insurance Broker Suite

Simplify your customers’ life and your staff daily operations, Delegate part of your Customer Care tasks. Improve your processes with the Digital Innovation you need. Choose your best fit solution and enable your team to focus on customers. Trust who has a deep understaing of the insurance business, market and regulations.