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For us it is essential to provide our customers with a specialized, targeted and experienced know-how, in order to support our customers in responding timely and effectively to specific issues arising in the insurance industry. We provide added value to leading insurers through our Business, IT, Legal and Actuarial Practices.

That is why we keep investing in the development of the professional skills of our staff, with the aim of improving the skills of the people who work within our group. Our team reflects our essence and our identity. We always look for new professionals for all sectors of our business, proactive and supportive people, happy to work in teams and to share guidelines and goals.

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If you come from the insurance industry or have legal experience, you have worked or are working as agent/broker/surveyor/loss adjuster, and you want to join our network, please contact us. We will give you the chance to know each other and maybe join us in one of our projects. We will evaluate the opportunity for you to work with us or with one of our clients.

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If you want to become part of our team, contact us.

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