Add value to your insurance offer through ICG SaaS Mobility

A flexible insurance layer dedicated to smart mobility.

A Plug & Play platform that enables you to operate in SaaS mode. You will easily create bundle offers of integrated services and manage new models of mobility and usage based pricing: Dynamic, Pay for Use, Pay As You Drive, Pay How You Drive.

Is it suitable for your business?

Are you an Insurance Carrier, a Broker, an MGA or a Fleet Management Provider?
Mobility Suite enables you to manage all types of Motor Fleet Insurance: Long Term/Short term Rental, carpooling, pay for use, Corporate Fleet, Small Fleet.


Mobility Suite

The Insurance Plug & Play platform

A unique comprehensive platform.
UX and workflows are created and driven by ICG user profiling module.
Manager access ICG Fleet Insurance Management portal. Drivers access a smart touchpoint which is available 24/7.

A smart fleet insurance portal

A portal dedicated to your corporate customers, their call centers and end users.
From master policies to individual insurance certificates, from book entries to proactive claims tracking, the whole process is driven by a smart workflow.
Automated real time upload of vehicles details and daily entries. To know the real insurance status of your fleet and all relevant financial information any time you need it, anywhere.

Drivers Touchpoint

A multi-platform smart touchpoint dedicated to end users, in which each customer may find any information he requires and may notify and track claims.
A chatbot always available 24/7 to improve your Customer Care Services delegating baseline taskes to Artificial Intelligence.
Automatic damages detection from digital images, smart repair cost estimate and seamless interaction with any system through APIs.

Start Mobility Insurance seems complicated?

It is, but it has never been so simple:
a plug & play system in which you can define products and rates even through a simple excel worksheet.
Mobility Suite is a modular platform that can be integrated with any application that exposes API.
Seamlessly integrate with middlewares, core systems, underwriting and poilicy administration applications, claims management platforms, CRM, ERP, CMS and IoT.


What can you offer to your driver?



Personal area

Dynamic Pricing


Instant Insurance

Why rely on a bot?

ICG Bots are programmed to provide information on covers, collect complaints and update customers on the status of the claims they have notified.
Each repetitive task is delegated to an ICG bot so that your team can focus on high value interactions.
Record and analyse any interaction with your customers to ensure your profiling process is based on consistent and updated information. Create tailor made protection offers and marketing campaigns easily and on solid basis


Data Driven Insurance

Data Governance

To effectively use data in the decision-making process and base decisions on objective facts rather than on personal sensations, you need to have true, validated and frequently updated data.
Rely on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT and Advanced Analytics to collect, protect, analyze and govern your data.

Damage detection through a photo

Simply using a smartphone and ICG Horus AI Engine you can check the status of your fleet in real time and timely act on maintenance issues. Check policyholders statements and automatically check damages.



Omnichannel Digital User Experience

Reach policyholders on all most popular contact channels, send them in app push notifications and instant messages via SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to profile each customer, propose a quote, underwrite a policy, collect complaints, send and receive all documentation, setting your customer care team free of any activity that can be delegated to a bot?


Your Insurance Fleet Management Platform

Simplify your customers experience and your team’s tasks. Delegate customer care baseline operations improving your processes through digital innovation and solutions tailored to your needs.