Broker Suite-2

Broker Suite
A complete management system tailored to the intermediary, supported by Artificial Intelligence.

The solution dedicated to brokers allows you to have all the information you need to manage your portfolio in a single access point.
The web-based module is aimed at automating the process of sending / receiving the quotation in the Broker / Company relationship, as well as tracking the status of the quotation and managing all data for checking the progress of the sales process.
A tool to allow the various actors (Brokers and Companies) to interact, but also to refine the system of follow-up and verification of the outcome of the listing (success, reason for failure, statistics, etc.).
The statistical and control base has all the details included in the quotation available, allowing trend analysis in various ways and with maximum granularity.
Each user who accesses the Front-end has the visibility and the possibility of modifying only the practices relating to him (thanks to the profiling and access structure) guaranteeing the privacy of his data and the security of access.
The BROKER SUITE also contains all the add-ons dedicated to the management of affinity claims, reimbursement of medical expenses, collective policies, associations and orders, etc.