Claims management

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics at the service of the business.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

ClaimLab was born from the experience of a twenty-year system, ICG’s SIS Claims System, the most reliable and widespread claims management system for non-life insurance in Italy.

Its end-to-end operations extend to all Non- Life branches . Each manual process is entrusted to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics which allow the simplification, standardization and digitization of the claims management processes.

The platform guides and helps the user in entering data, or there automatically retrieves from documents and user interactions, performs cross-check online and locate in real time fraudulent phenomena , retrieves the necessary information from centralized or external database and personal data , synthesizes the information in real time, guaranteeing the complete historicity of the data.


Processes guided by the Business Process Manager (BPM), artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), with monitoring through task list and scheduling of activities in compliance with dead-lines (processes, events, activities, interactions with external applications).


The fulcrum around which the entire operation revolves. Each user has his own personalized agenda with direct access to the activities to be carried out to complete the deadlines. Continuous monitoring of deadlines guaranteed by BPM.


Maximum optimization of communication flows between all the actors involved in the management of the claim, thanks to the WebApp and App, API and a single portal that everyone can access (policyholders, channels, fiduciaries, experts, liquidators).


The Artificial Intelligence engines profile claims, group them into clusters and segments, determine reserves, channel them to expert and fiduciary liquidators based on experience and workload, monitor trends.


ClaimLab independently manages all the procedural flows required by the control bodies and associative bodies in compliance with the legislation and best practices. It is no coincidence that it is considered the most reliable and complete product in the context of the CARD legislation.


The possibility of analyzing data and contents in an autonomous or semi-autonomous way, with the aim of discovering relationships and correlations, developing forecast analyzes, developing recommendations and corrections in the settlement process.


The application has a modular structure, so it is possible to modulate the offer of functions and procedures based on the Customer’s growth and business plans. It natively integrates with company systems, third party applications and external DBs through web services and interfaces.


To meet the needs of the market and customers, with more effective cost control, the system has been designed to provide you with total control over the entire life cycle of the claim, and to provide all the flexibility necessary to respond to functional and company technicians.


ClaimLab is the first compensation claims management system that operates according to a digital-by-default logic. Every document that enters (mail, scans, photographs) is digitized, classified and converted into electronic format. The data made usable is automatically sent to business processes, eliminating manual data loading steps.

Eliminate the latency and costs of processes by automatically extracting and understanding the contents of documents from any channel and in any format, in harmony with the privacy by default established in the European regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

The classification technology uses convolutional neural networks and deep learning to visually identify any type of incoming document, while the comprehension and classification of texts is based on statistical and semantic text analysis carried out by engines “trained” automatically with the latest methodologies machine learning.

data extraction

choose ClaimLab, to focus on …


From dynamic and adaptive FNOL processes, to special account management, mobile access and more. ClaimLab offers the possibility of transforming the claims process into a unique experience that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


ClaimLab allows business users who have the appropriate permissions to make updates, create business rules themselves, without making code changes or waiting for an IT release cycle, to respond effectively to changing market conditions.


The automation of repetitive and low-level tasks allows claims staff to focus on the higher-value claims management activities.


Complete control over where and how long data and information are stored, thanks to a series of tools that allow effective data retention and destruction policies. ClaimLab complies with all the requirements indicated by the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR).


The technological revolution and the digitization of everyday life have changed the way users interact with companies. The customer journey, the journey that the customer takes during the relationship with a brand in the various points of contact, both offline and online, is now at the center of business strategies.

Loyalty is linked to multiple touchpoints or contact points, where the user finds the information and tools that facilitate the operations to be carried out and the communications to be implemented, and allow him to express his opinion about the service or product. .

ClaimLab is multi-channel and is equipped with a portal, WebApp and App dedicated to the end customer. The claim can be made via ChatBot through the institutional website, call center, social networks, institutional App, Home Insurance.


Quickly receiving all the information of the claim to support timely processing and increase customer satisfaction is not enough, it is necessary to accompany the request for reimbursement and settlement with an appropriate tracking of the claims, presenting states understandable to the customer and promptly highlighting the necessary actions for integration of the preliminary investigation.

ClaimLab also allows you to integrate the data collected in the various exchanges of information to then transmit content, messages, complaints and behaviors, which take into account the path already taken by the various interlocutors with the company.

Controlling all the touchpoints, verifying engagement performance, collecting, integrating and processing the data generated in a customer’s customer journey means being able to benefit from a series of valuable information from which to obtain various benefits. The use of indicators (KPIs, Key Performance Indicators) make evident both the quantitative and qualitative use of the contact points themselves.

All this is also reflected within the company, resulting in an optimization of internal processes in terms of greater effectiveness of the actions and therefore saving of resources.


A system capable of guiding operations with intuitive workflows and intelligent business rules , eliminating the insertion of redundant data and limiting manual processes.

This is ClaimLab, an application equipped with a central tool, the Agenda , from which each operator knows exactly what to do and by when.

Not a simple schedule, but a real personal assistant , which helps the user to perform actions in an optimal way, to evaluate their workload in a single glance and to reach the objectives with less time and less effort .

Does the liquidator receive a new claim? The agenda highlights the relative deadlines and indicates the points on which to operate: a click is enough to immediately reach the screen and the exact point where the liquidator’s intervention is required. At each new action, the agenda automatically updates the next steps.

Simplify the work of your collaborators and make their activities highly productive .


The management system has a work-flow engine that allows you to design processes, control events, comply with regulatory and contractual deadlines, send emails and letters based on the type of claim, guide interactions with external applications and DBs (web-based service, interfaces, APIs).

For ClaimLab, ICG has opted for intelligent automation that adds true artificial intelligence to business operations through a combination of Business Process Management (BPM), artificial intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Together, these tools form the foundation of any intelligent automation initiative and allow you to quickly document both the overall processes and the various stages, providing analytical data and detailed performance metrics.


The management and settlement of claims is a crucial phase of the relationship with policyholders. It is the moment when the brand responds to its contractual promise, and it is when the customer can be loyal or it can be lost. It is an area in which we are therefore committed to guaranteeing the highest quality of service and attention to different needs.

Although what matters is the goal (to be able to obtain compensation), aspects such as timing and methods cannot be left in the background. Numerous studies show that experiences that emotionally engage customers are the primary vehicle for loyal behaviors, such as recommending a service to a friend. Paying attention to customers’ likely emotions is the way to keep the customer experience positive.


One of the most innovative aspects of ClaimLab is the module of the “Diary for dealing with the claim”, not a simple tracking, but a real commercial tool able to guarantee to the insured a personalized experience of high excellence.

From opening to closing, a clear and transparent path, which allows you to always be updated in real time on the management phase of the reported case.

The customer can decide whether to receive via the push service every update inserted in the treatment diary (compatibly with the claim profiling and the will of the Business), in such a way as to have a complete and real-time view on the activity carried out on his practice. An advanced step tracker, visible on the personal area or app of the brand, transmits a sense of progress to the insured, helping him to become aware of the next steps and makes him an active player in his own practice.


It is a fact that the claims settlement processes always represent a high cost item for the Companies. Thanks to ClaimLab’s strong intrinsic automation, low-level activities do not impact the work of the liquidators, who can concentrate completely on high-value management. But all this is not enough. It is necessary to have complete control of the entire ecosystem at all times.

ClaimLab provides the business with operational dashboards in real time, aggregated metric views, automatic escalations and alerts, ad hoc reports and more.

Business decisions and actions can thus be supported by metrics and real-time information provided by powerful Analytics and Machine Learning tools, with data acquired over the entire life cycle of the claim.

Each actor has his own dashboard. One of the characteristics of ClaimLab is the possibility of making each user autonomous, giving him the opportunity to carry out a continuous self-assessment on the work and a projection of what could be the trends by adopting some small precautions. In fact, ClaimLab is able to suggest to the user which behaviors to change to enhance their activities.


ClaimLab is characterized by an intelligent “Letters and Reports Writer”, through which it is possible to design all the printing modules. The generated documents can be directly sent by e-mail, Postel, etc.

The editor allows you to create customized documents, letters, notifications and forms or to upload existing documents and associate the document with a specific action. When these actions are completed by the user or automatically by the system, the document will be generated with the data and information relating to the claim, and possibly sent automatically or following a review.

You can use predefined document templates or add a custom document template. The fields are automatically filled in with the information present on the system.


ClaimLab is equipped with a fiduciary portal aimed at optimizing the electronic communication flows between the Companies and its external Collaborators to improve the quality of work and the service offered to policyholders.

ClaimLab allows you to centrally manage the operations of all the figures who collaborate or have an active part in the process of assessing, liquidating, repairing or defining the damage, ensuring the availability of information 24 hours a day and making communication easy and independent from time and place constraints.

Through direct access to the application, the trustees can receive the assignment, view the complaint in electronic format, process the file and return the result of the appraisal by attaching the parcel and, where required, activating the prompt settlement payment.

ClaimLab also allows inbound and outbound document management, fluidity in data exchange, the preparation of reports and statistics useful for evaluating the trustee’s performance and verifying them for the purpose of providing incentives.


digitalizzazione intelligente dei documenti e automatizzazione dei processi documentali

Un’innovativa piattaforma in grado di interpretare ed elaborare dati provenienti da tutti i tipi di documenti, inclusi formati di documentazione cartacea (acquisita tramite scanner o fotografia) o digitale, strutturati e non strutturati, immagini, allegati email e corpo dei messaggi.

Grazie alla digitalizzazione intelligente dei documenti e all’automatizzazione dei processi documentali, trasforma i documenti in valore per l’azienda, catturando e convalidando informazioni in qualsiasi formato nel punto di impiego.



Combattere le frodi assicurative legate a falsi documentali

Una piattaforma di Intelligenza Artificiale che si occupa di analizzare immagini e documenti di qualsiasi struttura e complessità per riconoscere manipolazioni grafiche, incoerenze visive, verificare l’univocità dell’immagine all’interno del DB, controllare che l’immagine non sia presente in internet. Per combattere le frodi assicurative legate a falsi documentali.




Intelligenza Artificiale, Computer vision e Object Recognition per riconoscere le parti danneggiate del veicolo fotografato, distinguere tra danni pesanti e leggeri ed effettuare una iniziale stima della riparazione sia in termini di costi che di tempi, canalizzando in maniera totalmente automatica sinistri complessi e sinistri di massa.


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