Claims Portal

Claims Portal

A portal, through which to complete the most suitable insurance and service offer, available to different users, thanks to a refined profiling system.

The agenda of the activities, the central pivot of the system, is built by the work flow engine and by profiling, activating automatic checks and definition of deadlines and priorities.

A platform open to the insured customer, through which, supported by the Virtual Assistant, he can:

– see and manage their policies and their insurance position

request information by receiving immediate responses

– report a claim

Through chatbots or the use of intelligent forms, not only the insured but also the injured party can make the complaint in a few minutes, uploading images and documents.


The images are automatically classified and indexed based on their content thanks to the Horus engine.

The portal is accessible via desktop, mobile, link and tablet. It is possible to provide access via a QR code linked to the policy or via a link from the proprietary portal.

The insured remains constantly informed via APP, email, sms about the status of his claim.

Communications with external databases and other systems can take place online through Web Services (WS) or through batch flows.

All the documentation produced by the platform is equipped with QR codes that allow you to simplify and speed up any subsequent checks or uploads.