Workflow engine that observes, learns, processes and automates processes based on best practices, progressively improving system performance, thanks to self-learning.

Work flow is fundamental in the core business processes, where the degree of complexity is high and the regulations are stringent, as in the case of the claims management process. It is for this reason that ICG has decided to develop a Work flow engine equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence can analyze large amounts of data in a very short time, with self-learning processes capable of progressively improving system performance.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, METHIS® observes event and related human behaviors, developing processes and models starting from the concrete experience of the Company.

METHIS® not only learns from the definition of the processes designed a priori, but obtains information and develops solutions based on the recurring actions and the most performing results derived from common practices, to apply the best action to the event.

The ex-post control that is usually applied to the processes through statistics and extractions, is replaced with the Artificial Intelligence that operates ex-ante as it is able to analyze the patterns, and apply the last best procedural step derived from the previous experience .

In concrete terms, METHIS® goes far beyond just the IT automation needs, fully realizing its real potential in the management of the core business.
Implementing predictive models and robotic process automation (RPA), can help every actor to work better thanks to intelligent processes that suggest the right passage at the right time and eliminate manual processing prone to errors.

The advanced Artificial Intelligence applied to the Workflow is of great advantage not only in the context of the claim management cycle, but also in other areas such as for example the analysis and processing of the needs of a Client and the proposal of adequate insurance coverage with the modulation of the best insurance plan, as for example it is carried out within the application for estimating and issuing ICG, INEXT.