Pragma P&C and Life-2

Pragma P&C and Life
A Policy Administration System that manages the entire underwriting cycle, after-sales and collection accounting of the entire insurance business (Non-Life and Life).

Its modules can be activated via a switch (on / off) without additional costs, ensuring a prompt response to the needs of flexibility and implementation of the most innovative insurance offers: RE, RCA and CVT, Collective Policies and Applications, Bonds, Matriculation Book, Open Policies, Marine, Annuities, Pensions, Branches I and III, Long Term Care, Credit Protection, etc.

Completeness and integration
Management control of the entire production cycle for all branches, from the issue of estimates, policies and from post-sales management to the accounting management of securities (both technical and non-insurance items).
The historicity, completeness, consistency and homogeneity of the data, on which the statistical tool can operate in depth, allow the execution of the correct accounting, the generation of the legal registers of the budget modules and continuous control of the processes.
– Historicity of technical and accounting data
– Process control engine
– Single and centralized database
– Integration with DB and external applications through web services
– Native integration with proprietary systems (e.g. claims, reinsurance, front-ends etc.)
– Productivity control (key Indicators)
– Control of individual departments
– Statistical depth

A system created to be multi-company, multilingual and multi-currency. The very high level of profiling of the system, which is implemented without the use of a code, allows the management of agreements, discounts, contractual conditions, personalized and diversified tariffs.
Its parametric structure allows to describe the content, the processes, the rules that characterize the various contexts of the operations of the insurance company.
Integrated with:
– Products Laboratory
– Tariff Engine and Rules Engine
– Engine and control of tasks and schedules
– Management of the authorization cycle

Multichannel interactivity
The profound know-how of the technical matters of Insurance and of the processes of Insurance Companies, is combined in Pragma with the most modern technologies, in order to offer a complete, flexible system, characterized by a high degree of interactivity and connectivity.
This is combined with a single multi-channel and multi-device Front End shared between Management and the network, which can be profiled by user.
The optimal solution to operate on the move, with a centralized registry, a centralized contracts and securities database, a tariff engine and a product engine that constitute a single reference, regardless of the channel of use.

It automates a large part of operations and processes, optimizing them, in order to ensure responsiveness and a significant reduction in management costs, allowing the Company to accelerate the marketing of tailor-made products and services.