ICG, Insurance Consulting Group, gives new life to its twenty-year presence on the insurance market with an innovative claims system, natively digital-first to work in a more efficient and advanced way, preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

SIS Claims

Claims Management System able to manage all types of claims, based on Artificial Intelligence and Workflow logic, equipped with Tutor Tracking.

Pragma P&C and Life

Policy Administration System that manages the entire underwriting cycle, after-sales and collection accounting of the entire insurance business (Non-Life and Life).

EasyLab Products

Laboratory where to design and configure insurance products thanks to a wizard that guides business users.

Broker Suite

A complete management system tailored to the intermediary, supported by Artificial Intelligence.


Virtual assistant with voice interface to guarantee your policyholders a personalized customer experience active 24 hours a day. A-BOT is an artificial intelligence (AI) equipped with a cutting-edge voice system capable of interacting on smartphones, tablets, social networks, call centers and websites.


A system of image analysis engines based on recurrent artificial neural networks that carries out anti-fraud checks, extrapolates and contextualizes information (thanks to an intelligent OCR) and quantifies the damage caused by the car accident through the photography of the damages in a totally automatic way.


Modular, multi-channel, multi-branch, multi-institution and multi-company digital platform integrated with Artificial Intelligence, able to communicate with the Client, directing him towards the best insurance solution, streamlining the policy issuance operations, whether direct, agency or banking channel.


Workflow engine that observes, learns, processes and automates processes based on best practices, progressively improving system performance, thanks to self-learning.

Trading Platform

Web platform for multi-branch and underwriting insurance proposals, based on AI technology, intended for Brokers and Underwriters. A multi-channel front-end accessible via smartphone and tablet, with a virtual assistant that quickly identifies customer preferences and needs and creates tailor-made multi-company solutions.

Claims Portal

A portal, through which to complete the most suitable insurance and service offer, available to different users, thanks to a refined profiling system based on an intelligent workflow that exploits the power of cognitive AI.