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Application Development & Maintenance Services
With today’s increasing speed of technological innovation and tighter turnaround times, solutions need to be planned, designed, developed and implemented at blazing speed. ICG experts are trained to deliver quick and intuitive results in a way that integrates seamlessly with the organization, without disturbing current processes. IT organizations are challenged to keep a complex application portfolio under control while reducing costs. IT must respond quickly to create business value and continually evolve in the digital age. ICG helps clients identify their optimization, evolution and transformation opportunities with a comprehensive assessment of the entire IT organization. Our flexible operating model adapts to changing business needs, with comprehensive support and continuous scalability to grow your business. We bring productivity tools, reverse engineering suites and knowledge management (in addition to transfer) to provide fast and reliable transitions. We prepare the right team, the right metrics, the right place and the right execution to deliver value to specific business challenges.

Application Modernization
Legacy architectures and complex legacy application portfolios make digital transformation slower, more difficult and more expensive. Even when budget isn’t an issue, an outdated core limits the ability to quickly roll out new features and can hinder user satisfaction by imposing restrictions on modeling modern customer experiences. However, many of the core legacy applications are robust, proven, and stable. The point therefore is to maintain the value of the legacy portfolio, without limiting innovation and flexibility. ICG’s Application Modernization Services combine processes, features, accelerators, tools, technologies and best practices with the presence of senior consultants to enable your business to transform its application portfolio. ICG’s innovative approach to portfolio modernization and transformation takes the form of a business transformation roadmap, starting with business objectives and taking into account the current portfolio of applications at 360 degrees: the Enterprise Architecture phase. By identifying gaps and exploring alternative modernization scenarios, we propose the most appropriate matches for your organization for cost reduction, agility, flexibility and risk containment. The transformation roadmap outlines a program to transform from an “As Is” to “To Be” state, leveraging our skills to reuse, adapt, migrate, upgrade the platform, integrate, improve, consolidate, re-engineer or delete parts of the application portfolio , ultimately, to retain your vision and the future of the company and guarantee a return on investment in line with the added value expected by the customer. Assisting the client in every phase of the project, providing expert support through guaranteed solutions that are clear and transparent, this is what sets us apart from all others.

Testing Services
ICG offers a robust and comprehensive software quality assurance procedure that identifies the correctness, completeness and quality level of software products.
ICG helps organizations improve productivity by accelerating time-to-market and releasing software products that meet customer expectations for quality and customer experience, while achieving significant cost savings. ICG’s methodologies and frameworks cover all stages of the software test lifecycle and provide comprehensive test services, from test planning to test execution, metrics collection and reporting, and at the same time create a solid reuse foundation for assets. ICG’s expertise, structures and specialized methodologies enable you to establish a robust automated testing strategy, select the correct approach and define the tools to be used.

The ever-changing business environment, driven by the cloud, mobile devices and virtualization, is driving organizations to rethink how they operate. To stay on track, businesses need agile IT infrastructure and innovative solutions to stay competitive. ICG’s IT outsourcing services enable customers to reduce support costs and improve the effectiveness of their infrastructure, allowing internal resources to focus on business-critical and innovation initiatives.
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