Trading Platform-2

Trading Platform
The trading platform developed by ICG based on the core modules of Inext and used by the brokers and underwriters of the principal companies.

The platform allows brokers to have:

  • management of the complete process of negotiations from the compilation of the submission up to the request for issuing the policy to the Principal Company
  • controlled access through a profiling and authentication structure of the individual Users, each Company / Broker accesses only and exclusively its own data, according to a security protocol
  • real-time management of the negotiation and of the attached documentation, with immediate access to information by the various actors according to the status of the practical history of all the dynamic states of the flow of the negotiation, each user (Account or Broker) will have an immediate view of the own practices.

Furthermore, the process sharing structure involves:

  • complete historicity of the negotiation process (who did what and when)
  • detailed statistical extractions to check the marketing trend of a product
  • detailed statistical extractions to verify the Broker’s productivity

The Trading Platform is characterized by a codeless architecture based on parameterization at various levels: products, controls, rates, users, roles, authorizations and profiling, Front-end structure, printouts, notifications and communication management, etc.