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A virtual assistant for insurance

What are the applications in the insurance sector?

The future of the user interface

The application of Artificial Intelligence in our daily life is giving life to a new generation of user interfaces that allow human beings to interact with digital systems through the most natural means for them, conversation.

For several decades, interactions with computers have had to adhere to strict rules and structures, with specific pre-programmed constructs (subject + predicate + possible complete object). Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, opens a new path because it is able to distinguish in a wider spectrum of inputs from the user, translating the user’s intentions into specific actions based on business needs.

If the Graphical User Interface (GUI) revolutionized the computer world in the 1980s, Artificial Intelligence is destined to change the way we approach technology forever.

We will increasingly have to deal with intelligent interfaces that can understand our language (written or spoken) and conduct a human-machine conversation in real time.

A-BOT is an artificial intelligence (AI) equipped with a cutting-edge voice system capable of interacting on smartphones, tablets, social networks, call centers and websites.


Thanks to this virtual assistant with voice interface, insurance players can guarantee their policyholders a quick, immediate interaction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The strength of A-BOT is its simplicity, as it provides an interactive service based on natural language, whereby users simply have to tell the assistant what they want him to do.

The A-BOT is able to interface on the one hand with the IT systems of the insurance Player, on the other with the end user, i.e. the insured, using artificial intelligence algorithms capable of simulating human behavior through advanced systems. of recognition and analysis of natural language.


By natural language we mean a language similar to that which is used daily by people.

The understanding of natural language (Natural Language Understanding, NLU) and its elaboration (Natural Language Processing, NLP), allow to translate a sentence transmitted in the form of natural language (the spoken or written one) into a more structured information with which it is possible to operate in the IT field.

To understand the message transmitted and translate it into aggregate and useful information for IT use, A-BOT uses advanced machine learning techniques. It is an autonomous learning process and continuous improvement, based on the inputs received from users, implementing their interaction skills over time.


In a world where people are used to highly personalized social network and market place services and live in symbiosis with their mobile devices, Insurance Players are called upon to guarantee their Customers immediate answers, not only in the event of a claim.

It is necessary to transform products and customer relationships into active and dynamic services, capable of continuously learning needs, intentions and preferences.

Offering relevant and engaging proposals, encouraging continuous interaction supported by a constant feedback system capable of rewarding consumers for their loyalty and virtuous behavior is the goal that players must set themselves.

With similar tools it is possible to convert customer care structures into profit centers, activating commercial actions during the interaction.


A-BOT is the tool through which the Insurance Company can finally reduce the time and resources necessary to solve specific customer problems.

Immediate and contextualized answers, real-time analysis of large amounts of data for understanding the “sentiment” and needs of people to improve customer care, user experience, assistance and support services but also to create and perfect sophisticated engagement mechanisms with activities that go as far as the prediction of purchasing behaviors from which to derive communication strategies and / or service proposals.

A-BOT is the tool through which the Insurance Company can finally reduce the time and resources necessary to solve specific customer problems.


A-bot can be used to optimize communications and offer services, to manage a sales or information channel, or to configure products.

The human operator is therefore activated only if the user addresses a complex or very specific request to A-BOT, to which the engine is unable to find an answer. In this way the role of the operator thus becomes more qualified


Through the conversational interface of the virtual assistant (or a photograph of the CAI) it is possible to send the First Notification Of Loss attaching images and documents, taking only 3 minutes and without having to fill in any data.


Obtain all kinds of information and documentation on their policies, on active guarantees, on the status of open claims, on deadlines and methods of sending forms and documents. A 24-hour customer service, without waiting, switchboards and codes to type.


Receive notifications about earthquakes, hail, floods, dangerous situations or attacks based on your GPS location. Because insurance is first and foremost proactive protection.


A contextualized commercial action, based on recommendation systems and smart analytics, focused on customer attitudes and preferences, based on GPS positioning to receive the right offer at the most favorable moment.


Possibility of integrating user payments into the chat system, thus making it possible for companies to directly sell products and services to their customers.

Insurtech and surroundings


What are the applications in the insurance sector?

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